Finland seen as possible partner in energy wood market

trees cut by energy wood grapple

inland has been developing energy wood grapples over a decade now. They put a lot of effort developing next generation wood grapples. Designing new prototypes is a big part for the future succes. It is important for a machine and mechanical designer to be able to listen to the client wishes, because usually the client has a better work experience with the grapples than the designer.

The designer must be able to listen also because the design work would result in a machine, which should be exactly what the customer wants. Designer must first find out the work characteristics of the client and the performance requirements and possible additional wishes. Finding out the requirements and wishes of the client is special important in order to be able to develop the right type of device when developing a prototype of energy grapple.

Characteristics of tree shears

There are many features that the best energy wood grapples include. First of all they minimize the manual work of the employees. Good grapples can also cut many trees at once. That is, the wood that is cut each time is taken directly to the pile after the wood is cut. The grapple should also be able to prune the base of larger felled trees before felling and cutting into a pile, as handling and transfer of large branched trunks is slower and more difficult.

Because the grapple must be able to fell and stack wood in a controlled manner vertically stacked along driveways in the forest, the grapple must then have a tilt function. The grapple is bound to get a grip on the tipper and of wood to be cut, that’s why it must have two movable pliers. That way extra parts of the energy grapple are avoided, the clamping part sticking to the wood gives also the cutting force of the wood. For the wood to cut into an energy wood grapple across the clamping force of the pliers, the body of the grapple must have a blade against which the pliers of the grapple squeeze across the wood.

Finland is exporting energy wood grapples from many different brands in Europe, North America, Russia and Asia. Read more here.

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